First Campaign - Beardon Farm

Old Man Crankles

Tools for an Adventurer

This Spring day was different than any other, the adventurers are about the be supplied with weapons of your own. Up to this point they’ve been using the weapons of their masters and today they will do what all students of the Beardons do and head out to Old Man Crankles near the base of the plateau and purchase weapons.

Gold and Personal Belongings

Each adventurer heads to their beds and retrieves their limited personal belongings that they arrived at the Beardon Farm with.

  • Flannery: 100gp, small mirror
  • Genrill: 120gp, painted wooden token
  • Sosline: 50gp, Cube of Gel/Clearwater Solution, and a drawing of a small house by a creek.
  • Leonard: 200gp, golden key, and a travel journal
  • Light Finder: 100gp, and a small wooden sword.



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