First Campaign - Beardon Farm

Old Man Crankles
Tools for an Adventurer

This Spring day was different than any other, the adventurers are about the be supplied with weapons of your own. Up to this point they’ve been using the weapons of their masters and today they will do what all students of the Beardons do and head out to Old Man Crankles near the base of the plateau and purchase weapons.

Gold and Personal Belongings

Each adventurer heads to their beds and retrieves their limited personal belongings that they arrived at the Beardon Farm with.

  • Flannery: 100gp, small mirror
  • Genrill: 120gp, painted wooden token
  • Sosline: 50gp, Cube of Gel/Clearwater Solution, and a drawing of a small house by a creek.
  • Leonard: 200gp, golden key, and a travel journal
  • Light Finder: 100gp, and a small wooden sword.
Beardon Farm
Learning and Mystery



Early Afternoon.

The Ninter Vale: Thousands of steep snow capped peaks and deep valleys. Ninter Vale is the furthest most north of the great human Narath Empire reached. Humans gained the land from the dwarves a century ago, because they were too focused on feuding the with each other to take a stand against the humans. This feuding fractured the dwarven people, some retreated back to the underground, others became neighbors of humans in human villages and others went to far away lands, never to return.

Wealthy cities and towns sprang up all through vale, which drew the attention of a massive orc horde called the Bloodspear Clan of the Stonemarch, north of Ninter Vale, beyond the Nerath Empire. The Bloodspear Clan ravaged the Nentir Vale, reducing both their own populations, but those of the human, dwarves, halflings, elves and eladrin who called these frigid lands home. A bulk of the Bloodspear Clan retreated back to the Stonemarch, leaving a hundreds of smaller clans scatter throughout the Vale.

Ninter Vale is a massive and diverse land full of mystery and danger and even though the land is not under any immediate threat of large invasion, the area is packed full of monsters and evil gangs.

The Farm

Beardon farm   plateau by josh

The Beardon Farm sat atop a mighty plateau in the southeast foothills of the largest mountain in the Vale, Forge Peak of the Dawnforge Mountain Range. The farm is and feels far away from anyone.

There’s a singular hidden path leading up the side of the plateau to the Farm.

The Farm is self-sustainable: crops, lake, stream, barn and live stock, plus a forest filled with wildlife. The only thing the farm doesn’t have is a anvil and smelter.

Beardon farm overhead

Some of the peculiarities about the Farm is the lookout the peers out over the hidden pathway, the training ground of hay stuffed dummies, hermitage in the woods and the strange yellow glow from the top story window of the farmhouse.

The Beardons

The Beardons were a rich and powerful family for eons, even before the dwarven people came to the surface lands. At the time of the Bloodspear invasion Beardons were living in all of the cities of the Vale and many died during the battles as fierce warriors and the Beardon wealth was spent on fueling the defenses – It could be said that the Bloodspears may not have killed Nentir Vale, but they certainly killed the Beardons and now it seems tales of this mighty family is left to the taverns.

The Beardons on this farm are making a tale of their own.

In the nooks and crannies of this wide and wild world amongst the very few who have the bravery and talent to call themselves heroes – the name Beardon is taking a different shape. Still mythical and scoffed by many as foolish bardisms – the Beardons in these tales are ones of great teachers in the arts of adventuring. Murmurings from Mage Guilds to Thief Hideouts tell of modern day Beardons who can train the simplest of simpletons to be the mightiest of warriors.

For a select few, these tales are a reality – almost. As every student of the Beardons will tell you, the first lesson to being a hero, is to be born a hero.

The Adventurers

Each adventurer is a different age and each carry a different story; the only thing that is similar is that their lives brought them to this Farm. Maybe they were found scavenging for food in the woods, or perhaps you were discovered having a drunken brawl in a far distant pub. Either way each of them were invited to study the arts of adventure at the Beardon Farm.

When arriving to the farm each adventurer gravitated to the best teacher for their interests.
Even though these heroes came to the farm with the ability for great powers, the Beardons helped refine and strengthen them.

Sosline Greensleaves

Played by Jess


Sosline Trained under Marigold Dewwheather.


  • Cook
  • Halfling
  • Wizard
  • 35 years of age
  • Strawberry blonde curly hair that sticks out underneath her bonnet
  • Giggles often, though frequently nervous
  • She is highly skilled as a wizard, but tends to use magic for cooking and housework.

Sosline and Marigold spend most of their time study out of Marigold’s bedroom which is filled with volumes of magical text. They frequent practice their magic under the plum trees out back. Sometimes Marigold lets Sosline use her ancient wand to practice.

Baric “The Light Finder” Trueheart


Played by Greg

Baric likes to be called Light Finder

Light Finder trains under Gaarhel Beardon


  • Patriarch of the Beardon Farm
  • A Dwarf Fighter Knight
  • 90 years of age.
  • Black and sliver hair and braided beard and with deep creases in his face
  • Wears dented plate mail and has a deep booming voice.

Gaarhel and Light Finder study out on the practice field rain or shine, slugging and tackling the straw dummies.The Light Finder occasionally got to use Gaarhel’s war axe Blood Dumper.



Played by Betsy

Flannery trains under Smudge


  • Smudge is an Elf Ranger/Hunter 45 years of age
  • Watch dog of the Farm
  • Wears suede padded armor and is very rough looking and dirty and rarely says anything
  • Has a beast companion
  • Smokes mullien and tobacco

Flannery and Smudge study out on the rocky cliffs over looking the hidden path up at the lookout. The lookout ain’t much, a rickety structure with a bedroll, Smudge’s bow and homemade arrows and a weathered brass horn.

Genrill Ashworthy


Genrill spends most of his time hanging out with the Farmhand Daniel Randle.

Daniel Randle:

  • 25 years old human and fairly dim witted and easily confused.
  • Thin, wiry, dark haired and short.
  • Tends to the barn and garden, but seem to spend most of his time during the day napping.

Leonard Smalls

Dwarf/Storm Cleric

Played by Chris

Leonard studies under Talus Slope, while they wander the plateau discussing the laws of the divine and the balance of dark and light, good and evil, and sun and storm.

Talus Slope:

  • Dwarf Sun Cleric
  • 80 years of age, red haired and freckled
  • Wears a tanned hide tunic of a radiant sun and an amber symbol around her neck and occasionally a lone ghoul will wander out beyond the farmland and Talus will allow Leonard to use her holy symbol to practice warding off the undead.



Played by Craig

Silas trains alone out in the woods or hermitage allowing the forest to teach him how to wield its primal powers. Silas may or may not always interact with the other students.

Learning was effortless for these adventurers, they all seemed to breath in knowledge and some of the adventurers were enjoying the friendships that developed over the seasons together.

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